There do come times in our lives when we can't go on without confessing to someone, asking for help, and seeking counsel. 
Deep down we know it but too often when that happen, when we actually do need help, we're too scared, ashamed, and overpowered by dark and negative emotions tearing us apart to remember it. 
Luckily for Raegan, she was brave enough to ask for help when it wasn't too late. 
And thanks to that her story is one of hope, re-birth and a lesson to all of us.
Right now, somewhere around you, there is someone who needs help. You might not see them, not know who that person in need is, and you might not be the one to help, but what you can do is to listen to Raegan's story. It will inspire you to look more carefully around you, at your friends and family, to listen more carefully, to pay attention a little bit more. And if by bad chance you're the one who might need help right now, her story will give you hope. It will show you why you should never give up.

From David Hamman, Founder of the Ripple Club: Helping Speakers Find Their Audience

Raegan Baker is an inspiration to us all. Through sheer will and tenacity, as well as a little help from her family, friends and, faith, Raegan has proven that light can be found in darkness, and that life can be snatched away from the figurative flames of our own living Hells. Be sure to listen to her: you may not think there is hope, but Raegan reminds us that hope exists, if we just reach for it.

From Reverend Sam Reese, Holston Conference, United Methodist Church

Having watched my husband suffer the pains of living with an alcoholic mother, and watching him lose her to the destruction of alcohol before they were able to reconcile their relationship, I was very thankful for Raegan's book. It really lays it all out there just how destructive alcohol is - not just in relationships, but to the body as well. We all grow up thinking alcohol isn't "bad", so long as it is used in moderation. The problem is, too often, people go way too far - becoming addicted, and then losing everything. Even their lives. The pain left behind is more than most realize. This book is written in such a way, that I plan on reading it to my young teenage children, to hopefully open their eyes to the dangers of alcohol before they even get started. Excellent book, to the point, and no holding back. Loved it!

From Shannon Whittington, Mother

Raegan courageously shares her story about addiction in a way that is truly inspiring. Being a Substance Abuse Therapist for the last 15 years, Death in the Afternoon is a powerful guide for those who are struggling with addiction.

From Megan R. Fenyoe, LCSW, Best Selling Author of: You Are Enough: 5 Steps To Move From Struggle To Strength, Veteran, Speaker and Trainer, Host of The Blonde Bombshell Podcast and founder of the I Am Enough Movement.

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