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Who is Raegan Baker?

Raegan Baker was interviewed by best-selling author Annie Grace, who wrote a groundbreaking book titled “This Naked Mind.” It inspired her own best-selling book “Death In The Afternoon: How To Control Drinking In The 21st Century” and was crucial in helping gain her sobriety back.

Do you want a coach who won’t judge you or you don’t need to feel ashamed because she understand that alcohol is the problem, not the person?

What My Clients Say

A heartfelt message on the effects of alcohol

The title of this book caught my eye and I was hooked as soon as I opened the book. It is an easy read, yet it is a deep, meaningful message by the author. Ms. Baker’s writing is enlightening in giving first-hand accounts of what alcoholism does to one’s life and how to crawl from under this crippling addiction.

Eileen F. Beane

Eye opening

Some of us can relate to this story – been there, done that. Honest and true. If you are questioning your relationship with Alcohol – read this book.

virginia stillwell

Alcohol Addiction and Recovery

This is a well written book! The author shares so many of her life experiences and really puts it all out there to help others. It really shows how fast your life can change. Alcoholism can evolve so quickly. It can ruin ruin lives and turn people’s world upside down. A must read! Let her experiences help guide you through recovery.

suzanne g. martin

Definitely worth the read

A well written book about the dangers of alcohol use and abuse. It tells many stories about how alcohol, although legal and ingrained in our culture destroys lives and families.

Jim Glass


Applied knowledge is power.

Raegan Bakers book adds another perspective to the prevention world. She shows that alcohol knows no bounds and addiction can get anyone. The only way to win is to change the narrative. Alcohol is poison. It destroys people, families, relationships, careers. Knowledge is key.


Alcohol is a liar!

It was such a similar experience to my own. Never drank as an adult until the death of a loved one, and then having to take care of family members that needed my help, and other life situations that came up in between. Stress weighs on all of us at different levels and for different reasons. We assume that alcohol will help alleviate that stress and pain, and it does the exact opposite. We end up feeling worse than before.

It was so informative about what alcohol does to our brains and our bodies, and armed with this real information I can see how this will help to make it an easier decision to give up alcohol up for good.
Great information. Thank you.


Life Happens: Shattering Myths About Alcohol

What makes Raegan Baker’s “Death in the Afternoon: How to Control Drinking in the 21st Century” so compelling, apart from the author’s brutal honesty, is Ms. Baker’s background: that she was born, if not into wealth, certainly into privilege. She had a head start over many. She was a “good girl.” She excelled at an early age academically and then professionally. She was such a good girl that she didn’t partake of the party scene in college and binge drink with her friends.

Ms. Baker’s trajectory is changed by a roommate who advises her to have a drink to calm her nerves before going on a date. This led to her belief in alcohol as the perfect elixir for any situation. Betrayed and attacked by someone she trusted, Ms. Baker sought comfort in alcohol and what had been a social, “loosening up” exercise turns into a nightmare of alcohol dependency.

From its raw portrayal of personal struggles to its shattering of the myths propagated by the alcohol and spirits industry, this book will take you on a wonderful, if painful, journey that reveals what most of us don’t know, or perhaps don’t want to know, about our drinking culture.


Drinking alcohol is not smart nor cool.

The author clearly defines reasons people find to drink alcohol and resulting consequences.
This book renders a heartfelt ask that others to take a hard look at the risks of alcohol consumption based on the author’s self experience and research into her subject. Well done!


There is Another Way

Reagan was interviewed by Annie Grace on her This Naked Mind YouTube channel. This is her story, quitting after reading This Naked Mind. She also delves into the role alcohol has played throughout history.


Having watched my husband suffer the pains of living with an alcoholic mother, and watching him lose her to the destruction of alcohol before they were able to reconcile their relationship, I was very thankful for Raegan’s book, “Death In The Afternoon: How To Control Drinking In The 21st Century.” It really lays it all out there just how destructive alcohol is – not just in relationships, but to the body as well. We all grow up thinking alcohol isn’t “bad”, so long as it is used in moderation. The problem is, too often, people go way too far – becoming addicted, and then losing everything. Even their lives. The pain left behind is more than most realize. This book is written in such a way, that I plan on reading it to my young teenage children, to hopefully open their eyes to the dangers of alcohol before they even get started. Excellent book, to the point, and no holding back. Love it!

Shannon Whittington

“Death In the Afternoon: How To Control Drinking In the 21st Century” is not only educational but inspirational. Raegan will help stem the tide of addiction for future generations.

Geoffrey McLachlan

Raegan’s book “Death In the Afternoon: How To Control Drinking In The 21st Century” is a gamechanger. My first reaction to her book was that I was hooked from the first sentence to the last.

Mac Mullings

Raegan Baker is an inspiration to us all. Through sheer will and tenacity, as well as a little help from her family, friends and, faith, Raegan has proven that light can be found in darkness, and that life can be snatched away from the figurative flames of our own living Hells. Be sure to listen to her: you may not think there is hope, but Raegan reminds us that hope exists, if we just reach for it.

Reverand Sam Reese

Alcohol: Lies We Believe

Ms. Baker writes that, while often portrayed by society as a companion to celebrate with, grieve with, or depend upon, alcohol is a dangerous enemy. Her book is an important and engaging read for anyone, whether struggling with alcohol addiction or not. The reader first learns the author’s story and then dives into the myths that we all absorb from childhood about alcohol using research, experience and common sense to dispel them. She is both convincing and passionate about her mission. As the author shares, she herself was helped truly understand her alcoholism by reading a book and hopes this book will benefit many and change our culture’s view on this disease. I highly recommend it

Greg K

A quick read that may help someone!

This book is a personal account mixed with some science that demonstrates there is more than one way to flee addiction. Since it’s not just “caused” by family history, everyone should read this. It’s priced low so you can buy for others, too!

Rhonda Fischer

Take hold before it gets a grip on you.

Reagan Baker gives an eye-opening perspective from personal experience. This is an excellent read for all who consider drinking a birthright of growing up. Being responsible, cautionary and informed is essential in avoiding the pitfalls that could await. Reagan does a great job of painting a picture that one might honestly take a look at.

Brad Koogle

Baker’s approach to sobriety could be your path as well.

Raegan Baker has something to tell you. Understanding why you are addicted to alcohol is really important to releasing you from its grasp. Long standing methods of getting sober don’t work for everyone. If you have tried AA and it didn’t work for you, it’s okay to look further. Baker’s book outlines by science, memoir and the history of alcohol, reasons behind your dependency. Understand the science of alcoholism and the ways that our culture promotes it. One size does not fit all. Baker’s approach to sobriety could be your path as well.


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